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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  May 14, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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inside the storms. first stop will be radar. we want to let you know we have warnings for all the areas you see lit up in yellow. that would include fairfax, fauquier, prince william, manassas. we will move in tighter. this is moving northeast at 40 miles per hour. it moved through hay market, centreville. you are probably getting big hail, maybe the size of ping- pong balls inside this storm and capable of producing winds of 60 miles per hour. centreville, this is heading in your direction and for dulles, chantilly, herndon and oakton you will be affected by this severe thunderstorm warning which goes until 6:30. all of us are under a severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00. we are beginning to see things pop. it's warm, it's unstable. we hit record highs at dulles of 89 degrees. we will stay with this severe
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thunderstorm watch until 9:00 tonight. that goes over to the eastern shore. back to radar, i want you to see all of a sudden we have got things popping up near damascus, liberty town. back to radar for a quick second. you can see all of these have the potential to develop quickly with the large hail and with the strong wind. so, it's a beautiful day. a lot of people are probably outside but be aware that warnings will pop up quickly this afternoon. one last time through the list of warnings. it's for fairfax, faulk kwer, loudoun and prince william until 6:30. i think there will be a lot more to talk about before this newscast is over. gary and i will will keep you posted on the thunderstorms. back to you. i appreciate what -- i didn't appreciate what i considered to be a spectacle during the hearings in this matter. the american people could not
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have been impressed with that display and i certainly wasn't. >> president obama taking companies involved in the gulf oil disaster to task as the environmental damage keeps growing. there is debate how much oil is gushing into the water. bp says one thing. some environmentalists say the damage done could be far worse than anything we have heard so far. tom fitzgerald explains. >> reporter: in the gulf of mexico tonight, engineers are lowering a pipe to the exact spot of the oil gusher, hope to divert it into a tanker. >> it's not intended to capture all the oil but it will substantially reduce it. >> reporter: even the president says 0 so far nobody knows how much oil is spilling. >> there are varying reports the last few days how large the leak is. but since no one can get down there in person, we know there is a level of uncertainty. >> reporter: enuncertainty reaching new levels thanks in
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part to this video. previous amounts were 200,000 gallons a day. now some experts say much more appears to be coming out. >> it's not rocket science to put a doppler plow meter on the pipe. >> reporter: he is an environmental adviser. he thinks the 200,000 is a grows under estimation and why hasn't bp said how much oil is spilling. >> you have a pipe 21 inches in diameter, a videotape of oil coming out. you can measure the speed the oil is coming out. >> reporter: for its part, bp says it has been forthcoming with information and working around the clock to stop the flow. >> we are throwing every resource at this problem. i think i would ask people to judge us on what we are doing. >> reporter: critics say since bp's fine could depend on the size of the spill, it has a financial interest in not coming out with a definite
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number. >> it's hard for us to believe there is no way to measure it. >> reporter: oceana opposes offshore drilling. if there is no agreement how much oil is spilling, the government needs to think twice about agreeing to more wells. >> there are already 35,000 wells in the gulf of mexico. there they are already pumping and will continue to pump. the question is, do we want to do more? >> reporter: the focus now is on stopping the gush of oil. and the success or failure of bp's latest solution will determine the depth of this disaster. now, administration officials repeated promises to make sure that bp pays all legitimate claims related to this spill. shawn? >> tom, thank you. earlier this week we told you about an accident in oxen hill, maryland. witnesses say the driver was
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doing doughnuts in a shopping center parking lot before he hit and killed a pedestrian. as that investigation continues, it's not clear if the driver will be charged. but tonight aaa is speaking out saying maryland's lax laws keep victims from the justice they deserve. beth parker has the story. >> reporter: 15-year-old connor coles once said what he looked most about life is simply being alive. on august 11, 2008, that was taken away when conner was hit and killed by a van. >> anyone who lost a child knows the feeling of responsibility and loss and pain and constant wondering what we could have done differently, change time. none of that will happen for us. >> but what might happen is if the law is tougher, other drivers might be more careful. connor was playing near the end of the family driveway on their rural maryland road. the driver admitted to reckless
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driving and speeding. >> we expected him to go to jail. if you are doing that kind of speed, double the speed limit, you should go to jail. it doesn't work that way in maryland. what happens, you get points like you do for running a spot sign. >> reporter: he got four tickets and paid a fine. went away. >> didn't go a way for you. >> we are destroyed. >> reporter: each of the last four years, lewis simmons introduced a bill to make it easier for maryland prosecutors to convict drivers of manslaughter. >> maryland's standard is impossibly high. it's one of the highest in the country. >> reporter: maryland law requires prove of gross negligence indifferent to human life. that's why many drivers that cause deadly accidents end up with reckless driving charges. >> we need to make it stricter. it needs to be like being
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responsible with a loaded gun. >> reporter: ed cole says it won't help his family but it might save another maryland citizen from the pain he carries with him every day. >> that bill to change the law did not make it out of committee for a vote. it's the expwru judiciary committee chaired by prince george democrat joe valereo. we called and e-mailed him for a comment. no one returned the calls. >> beth parker, thank you. a teenager was sleeping inside her frederick maryland home when a bullet grazed her head. someone shot into the house overnight. john henrehan talked to the teenager after she returned from the hospital. >> reporter: the teenager is terrified and the family is bewildered why someone would pump three bullets into their home in the middle of the night. >> i heard bang, bang, bang. i turned around, walked in the house and hollered, somebody is
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out here shooting. they were asleep. i got on the phone and called the police. >> reporter: police found three bullet holes into a home. one punched through a wooden fence, the exterior wall, interior wall and the headboard of a bed that a 14-year-old girl was sleeping in. you can see the scalp behind her ear was grazed by the bullet and her ear was severely bruisessed. >> i woke up and i was scared. everybody came in and then i ran out because i didn't know what to do. then they called the cops and they came. they were looking for the bullet for a while. they found it finally but they couldn't find the one that went through the kitchen. >> reporter: we are notifying the victim by name or face. >> reporter: has anyone ever shot if your house before? >> no. >> reporter: anyone ever threatened you or your family. >> no, not that i know of. it came out of nowhere. >> reporter: police say they have not had trouble calls at that house on heather ridge drive in the past.
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no one saw a suspect when the shots were fired around 3:00 a.m. there is no description. luckily no one was seriously injured. it's a wide open case. if you know anything, the frederick police department would love to get a phone call or e-mail. >> scary. thank you. of course you know we are dealing with severe weather. let's get to sue palka for the latest on the storm. >> check it out on radar. this is a big storm. it's destructive. it may have one to two inches of hail. it's south of dulles. head's up in fairfax, okay stone p chantilly. this storm will be in the district in about 30 minutes. the hail and gusty winds will be strong. that severe thunderstorm warning until 6:30. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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new details in the time's square bomb plot. the main suspect says he got cash for the plot at a doughnut shop. he said he had a meeting at a
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long island shop but it's not clear when it happened. investigators won't say who he met with or how much money was exchanged. we learned more about the pakistani men arrested in connection with the bombing. one was a boston cab driver and another a computer programmer in maine. he told his boss he knew faisal shahzad but hadn't spoken to him in years. prosecutors may file murder charges against the mother of a boy beaten in utah. his stepfather admitted to beating the child and the mother didn't do anything to stop it. y than's body was found beaten in a utah camera. ethan's father is from virginia. the little boy who survived a plane crash in libya knows he is the sole survivor. rescuers found ruben still strapped in his seat. relatives told him that his mother, father, and brother died in the crash. he has under grown surgery and
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is expected to be sent home to the netherlands tomorrow. coming up at 6:00, the new and public bush to stop a proposed beverage tax in its tracks. 
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helping you stay healthy is the goal behind a proposed soda tax in d.c. the backlash against the tax is growing. the opposition calls it unfair, unafford abled and bad for business. will thomas has the details. >> reporter: there is an organized effort to fend off the tax that would add a penny for every ounce you buy. the group put a full package ad in papers. there is a growing list of
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businesses coming out against it. here is the list, safe way, subway, blim pis just to name a few. i counted 40 on the list. there is a web site designed to push the antitax group's case. it lays out what they believe are the flaws of the tax and urges dc residents to sign an online petition. we asked mayor fenty what he thinks of the tax. >> in general, i try to stay away from taxing pieces. i believe, especially on the executive side it's important to balance the budget without raising taxes. >> here is the ad in case you missed it. it will be in papers across our area. what is the tax for? it would fund the 2010 healthy schools act which passed in the council. it would provide healthier food for students, uses locally grown food and triples the amount of health education they receive. it will cost about $6 million.
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it's not cheap. >> not at all. thank you. money collected from d.c.'s new bag tax may be used to clean up more than the anacostia river. mayor fenty wants to use 2.6 million to pay for street cleaning. he says it's important to keep the streets clean so trash doesn't get in the sewer system and then in the river. council members found other money in the budget for street sweeping. they say residents won't be happy if it's used for something other than promised. hey, i'm sue palka in the weather center. we have been tracking some pretty important thunderstorms. we have warnings. we will go straight to radar. gary is monitoring radar and running it here. we want you to know as we take a look at this, there are a number of warnings out. what we are concerned about is fairfax county. it's pretty much covered up by the storms. the big story is the hail inside of them. we had a report of hail to the
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size of cherry tomatoes or large marbles. these storms are capable of producing two inch hail. if you get any of those shots, send them to us. these storms are heading into the district, folks. head's up. they seem to be moving east- northeast -- we just popped the severe thunderstorm warning and that is in effect for montgomery county. let's widen that out, gary. prince george, the district, montgomery county. i'll check the time on those. they most likely go until about 7:30 as the storms are moving east-northeast about to cross the beltway, 35 miles per hour. important storms and they are hitting big population areas. so, lightning, winds gusting to 60 miles per hour very, very possible. in addition to these warnings, too, quickly we will go over to true view and come back to radar in a moment. there is activity beginning to develop to the north and west.
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we continue to monitor the frontal system. while we have active warnings meaning that weather is occurring, i want to let you know a severe thunderstorm watch is in effect for most areas until 9:00. i want to go back to radar again and show you where we show you the dark areas there, that is where we believe the storm is transporting a lot of hail. we believe this hail could be one to two inches. so, it will pass to the north of vienna and even as we are looking on radar here, this particular storm that we are watching may have hail stones 1 1/2 inches in diameter. that can do a lot of damage. if you think you are in the path of the storms, seek shelter. moving east-northeast at 30 miles per hour. again, this will be imminently moving into the district, southern montgomery county and into prince george as well as it moves along there. to give you another look at the forecast tonight and probably end with radar just to let the control room know here, lingering showers until midnight.
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the worst of the storms are going to be through around 9:00, 10:00. 65 degrees. a warm day. i mentioned this earlier. we had a record high at dulles of 89 and d.c. hit that. now here comes the front. saturday storm free. gorgeous day. a little breezy. 77 degrees. planner for saturday, 67 at 8:00 in the morning. by noon 74. by 5:00 76 degrees. so, we are in good shape as we head into the weekend. the only change to the weekend forecast, maybe a little cloud cover come being in late sunday. 74 degrees. this is a great weekend forecast. clouds and showers monday at 70. tuesday the storms are back. we will take you back to radar. we have new warnings, montgomery county and scooting along the top damascus. other storms will likely get bigger through the next couple of hours. the big story is hail. warnings will be -- we think
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fauquier, loudoun just about out of it. big deal for prince george, southern montgomery county as the storms move east-northeast at 30 miles per hour. hopefully we will have time to give you another update. send us pictures of any hail stones you get and we will share what is happening. shawn back up to you and hopefully we can update you before the newscast ends. >> thank you, sue. now to the end of an era, space shuttle "atlantis" blasted off from the kennedy space center this afternoon for the last time. this caps off nearly 25 years of missions. the shuttle and sex astronauts are taking supplies to the international space station. only two shuttle flights remain after this one with "discovery" and "endeavour." still ahead in sports, the nationals stay red hot out in the cool colorado rockies. a record night for one of the nats big bats. [ beeping ]
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good evening, i'm lindsey murphy. nba play-offs never began for the wizards and they won't continue for the top seed cavaliers. where will lebron land. last night in boston, we may have seen the last game for lebron james as a member of the cleveland cavaliers despite a triple double from the king, they lost in six games to the celtics. james unrestricted free agent may have taken off the cavs jersey for the last time. for his part, he says his future is truly undecided. >> i have no plans at this point. i have made no plans. so, you know, you want to continue to win throughout the postseason. the fact that is it's over is a
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surprise to myself. a friend of mine told me today you got to accomplish your dream. >> lebron's future is up in the air, so too is that of mike brown. two reports said he was fired by the team but the owner says that is not the case and brown is the head coach, at least for now. they had the league's best record in the regular season. right now the nationals stand at 20-15 and are one game behind the nl leading east phillies. last night a big night for national third baseman ryan zimmerman. two home runs give him eight on the season. the nationals pounded the rockies 14-6. they continue the four-game set tonight in
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colorado. hernandez will be on the hill. league leader jimenez will pitch for the rockies. remember field of dreams? now that field can be yours of course for a price. the famous 193-acre track has been put on the real estate market. the current proprietors dan and becky dancing are nearing retirement asking 545- [ inaudible ] it's not located in heaven but i away. we will taik check out another game 7 between the bruins and fliers. we are going back to sue. >> thank you very much, lindsey. mclean head's up. you are about to get hit by the dangerous storm. here comes the hail out of vienna crossing the beltway. reports of one inch hail with this. prince george, arlington you
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are warned until 7:00. the most dangerous part of that storm is across country club manor and moving into the district. we are watching for hail and we will continue to keep you posted on fox 5 news. so, stick with us. we will send messages on the screen and let you know if new storm warnings go into effect. that's it, shawn. back up to you. bad storms out there tonight. >> we know you will stay on top of it. thank you. thank you for joining us today at 6:00. of course, you can get updates all night long, see ya. t .ie
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